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  1. SPLG Annual Summer Conference 2014 – Booking Now Open

    Booking is now open for the Scottish Public Law Group’s sixth Annual Summer Conference, which will take place on Monday 9 June 2014 at The Roxburghe Hotel, 38 Charlotte Square, Edinburgh. Following on from last year’s fully subscribed conference, we once again have an exciting line up of speakers.  The speakers and chairs include Lady […]

  2. Beyond the Referendum: A Supreme Court for Scotland

    The Scottish Public Law Group and the Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law are delighted to announce our forthcoming joint seminar. ‘Beyond the Referendum: a Supreme Court for Scotland’ will consider the future of the Supreme Court tier in the event of either a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’ vote in the forthcoming Independence Referendum. This seminar will […]

Previous Events

  1. Ae Fond Farewell: Reflections on Scots Public Law from Parliament House to Parliament Square

  2. Freedom of Information: UK and Scottish perspectives

  3. SPLG Summer Conference 2013

  4. SPLG Summer Conference 2013 Programme

  5. Discrimination against women in the law: problems and solutions

  6. Life, Death and the Law: Current Issues

  7. New Directions in Civil Justice – Lord President Gill Lecture

  8. “Barbies and bagpipes: perspectives on judicial review from the opposite ends of the earth”

  9. SPLG Annual Update Conference, 11 June 2012

  10. Legislatures at Loggerheads

  11. Conference: Scotland and the United Kingdom

  12. Winter Event: “The Use of International Law in the Scottish courts: past, present and future.”

  13. Shami Chakrabarti ‘Common Values: The Human Rights Act – All we Have to Lose’

  14. Edinburgh Law School Roundtable Seminar: Devolution after AXA

  15. The Relationship between UK Courts and Strasbourg

  16. SPLG Autumn Event: Current issues in Media law in Scotland and the UK

  17. SPLG Winter Event: Use of International Law in the Scottish courts

  18. Conference Slides, Part 2

  19. Summer Conference Slides

  20. Summer Conference Update 2

  21. Summer Conference Update

  22. Summer Conference: 13 June 2011

  23. Strasbourg and UK Human Rights – Lord Reed’s paper

  24. UK Government Torture and Unlawful Killing: Accountability through Public Interest Law, 1 March 2011

  25. Spring Event, 18 March, Edinburgh

  26. Slides from the Equality Event

  27. Winter and Spring Events

  28. SPLG Winter and Spring Events

  29. Events in November

  30. Autumn Seminar – Implications of EU Principles for Scots Public Law

  31. Summer conference materials – 7 June 2010

  32. The Future of the Bill of Rights Debate

  33. Autumn Event – 8 October 2010

  34. Second Annual SPLG Conference – 7 June 2010

  35. Inaugural Public Law Annual Lecture

  36. SPLG – “Bonus Event” – Replacing the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights?

  37. SPLG Winter Event – Public Inquiries

  38. JUSTICE issue draft working paper on Devolution and Human Rights

  39. The SPLG are delighted to announce its Calendar of Events for 2010

  40. Autumn Seminar – Roundtable Discussion on the UK Supreme Court

  41. SPLG Annual Conference

  42. Local Government in Scotland Forum

  43. Human Rights Law in Scotland – Minefield to Mainstream?

  44. Autumn 2008 Seminar – Scotland’s FOI Regime

  45. Revisiting the Devolution Settlement

  46. Remedies in Public Law