Scottish Public Law Group Downloads

SPLG Downloads

From time to time, and at the speaker’s discretion, papers and slides presented at SPLG events will be made available here for download.

 Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum, Second Annual Lecture, 20 May 2014

Professor Anthony King, Scotland’s Referendum: a view from outwith Scotland

University of Strathclyde, 7 March 2014

Human Rights Symposium in honour of Lord Hope of Craighead

 University of Strathclyde School of Law, 19 March 2014

Crowd-Sourcing the UK Constitution – on Indeed a Scottish One

Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum, 28 January 2014

After the Referendum: Constitutional Change in the Event of a No Vote

‘Freedom of Information: UK and Scottish perspectives’, 14 November 2013

Rosemary Agnew, Freedom of Information: Scottish perspectives

Dr Kenneth Meechan, Squaring the circle at the information coalface

University of Strathclyde School of Law, 2013 Public Law Lecture, 13 November 2013

Constitutional Transitions: The Peculiarities of the British and the Politics of Comparison

Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum, 13 November 2013

After the Referendum: A Constitution for an Independent Scotland

The SPLG 2013 Summer Conference, 10 June 2013

Paul Harvey, ‘Strasbourg will seldom speak; Thoughts on EU Accession to the European Convention on Human Rights’

Jonathan Swift QC, ‘Key Public Law Developments in the English Courts’

Professor Aileen McHarg, ‘Scots Judicial Review Update’

Dr Joe Morrow, ‘Tribunal Reform in Scotland’

Lord Wallace of Tankerness QC, Advocate General for Scotland, ‘Scotland and the European Union’

Tim Eicke QC, ‘Developments in EU law’

‘Discrimination against women in the law: problems and solutions’, Friday 22 March

Laura Dunlop QC, Presentation

Lady Hale gave an adapted version of the talk she delivered at the Kuttan Menon memorial lecture, which can be found at the Supreme Court website.

Slides from 2012 Annual Update Conference: 11 June 2012

Independent Scotland and International Law (R Churchill)

Developments in Strasbourg (Dr E Webster)

Recent Developments in English Public Law (Sam Grodzinski QC)

Scots Judicial Review Update (James Mure QC Powerpoint)

Legislative Developments (Judith Morrison)

EU Developments in Luxembourg (David Guild)

Human Rights and EU Law in Scots Public Law Cases (Simon Collins QC)

“Legislatures at Loggerheads” 6 June 2012

Lord Reed’s comments in “Legislatures at Loggerheads”

Chief Justice of Canada’s comments in “Legislatures at Loggerheads”