From time to time, and at the speaker’s discretion, papers and slides presented at SPLG events and other documents of interest will be made available here for download.

Devolution After Brexit (webinar 29 April 2021)

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The event recording can be viewed here.

SPLG Conference 2020 (webinars)

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Courts and Judges in Times of Crisis (Webinar – 20 August 2020)

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The transcript of Judge Tim Eicke’s talk can be dowloaded here: SPLG – Courts and Judges in Times of Crisis – Tim Eicke – Transcript.

Event recording:

Addressing the Climate Emergency: the Role of Scots, UK and International Law (28 October 2019)

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Professor Colin Reid, Climate Change and Holyrood

Mr Navraj Singh Ghaleigh, Transnational Climate Litigation

Dr Annalisa Savaresi, Human Rights and Climate Change

SPLG Annual Summer Conference 2019 (17 June 2019)

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The full programme can be viewed here: SPLG – 2019 Conference Brochure.

Twenty Years of the Scottish Parliament: An Anniversary in Turbulent Times (21 March 2019)

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The Scottish Feminist Judgments Project: an insight (8 November 2018)

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Salveson v. Riddell [2013] UKSC 22 – the judgment and press summary can be accessed here.

Greater Glasgow Health Board v. Doogan & Another [2014] UKSC 68 – the judgmenet and press summary can be access here.

Please see the Scottish Feminist Judgment Project’s website for information on the project and for further materials, including information about the judges and about the cases.

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A Conversation with Lady Hale: ’20 Years on: Devolution and the Supreme Court’ (14 June 2018)

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The address by the President of the Supreme Court, The Right Hon the Baroness Hale of Richmond to the Scottish Public Law Group can be downloaded here.

SPLG Annual Summer Conference 2018 (11 June 2018)

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The full programme can be viewed here: SPLG Annual Conference Brochure 2018

Keynote Address: ‘The Rule of Law and the Role of the Law Officers’, The Advocate General for Scotland, the Rt Hon Lord Keen of Elie QC

Legislating for BREXIT in Westminster and Holyrood: Where are we now in theory and in practice? (27 April 2018)

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Jack Simson Caird, ‘Parliament and the Withdrawal Agreement: The “Meaningful Vote”‘ (9 February 2018)

Christopher McCorkindale and Aileen McHarg, ‘Continuity and Confusion: Legislating for Brexit in Scotland and Wales (Part 1)’ (6 March 2018)

Christopher McCorkindale and Aileen McHarg, ‘Continuity and Confusion: Legislating for Brexit in Scotland and Wales (Part 2)’ (7 March 2018)

Lynda Towers, ‘The Scottish EU Legal Continuity Bill notching up a number of firsts’ (12 March 2018)

Aileen McHarg, ‘Legislating for Brexit – the Devolution Aspects’ (Seminar Slides)

JUSTICE Scotland, “Beyond Law Series” of events (22 January 2016)

Law And Liberty: Reflections on Campaigning by Shami Chakrabarti

Administrative Justice Research in Scotland Workshop (20 May 2015)

Workshop Invitation

The Royal Faculty of Procurators in Glasgow (1 April 2015)

Public Law Conference 2015

Thirty Years of Judicial Review in Scotland (26 January 2015)

Thirty Years of Judicial Review in Scotland

Scottish Constitutional Futures Forum (19 November 2014)

Further Devolution to Scotland: What should the Smith Commission recommend?

Scottish Centre for International Law Annual Lecture 2014/15 (12 November 2014)

The Relationship between International Courts and National Courts

SPLG Summer Conference 2014 (9 June 2014)

Session 1 Douglas Ross, Judicial Review Update

Session 1 Gerry Moynihan, HR and EU issues in Scots public law

Session 1 Lynda Towers, Legislation; yesterday, today and tomorrow…

Session 3 Gordon Anthony, Haass and “the Past”: Public law issues

Session 3 Niamh Nic Shuibhne, Recent developments in EU public law

SPLG Summer Conference 2013 (10 June 2013)

Professor McHarg, Scots Judicial Review Update

Paul Harvey, Strasbourg will seldom speak; thoughts on EU Accession to the European Convention on Human Rights

SPLG Discrimination against women in the law (22 March 2013)

Laura Dunlop QC, Discrimination against women in the legal profession – the Bar